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Stephan Beck is an independent management consultant, business developer, service provider, sales trainer, life coach and hypnotist master who has been entrusted with various missions by numerous clients in Southeast Asia and Western Europe. 

His extensive education and professional career from junior to leadership in countless missions, but above all his multicultural life experience and holistic awareness and way of thinking allows Stephan to do what he does with passion: Helping others in Life'n Business, united within sb competence since 2013.

Whether the assignment is a short, medium or long term mission, customers of sb competence come from many different industries and cultures having always two common denominators: above all, they have to deal with tricky and challenging situations and they are looking for a tailor-made solution delivery for sustainable development and growth.

Stephan Beck - sb competence stands for its doer-mentality and methodical working while putting theory into effective practice.